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General Term

First of all we would like to state rights and obligations of Bodystore to all you that visiting our site, so as to inform you for your rights, your obligations and help you have the best service to your search and acquisition of products you want.


Necessary condition to begin conciliation is you to fill in some personal information. When you make an order we ask personal information, including your full name, the adress of delivery, your e-mail, your phone number and, in case your want to pay with credit card, your credit card number and date of expiration.

Bodystore, under the rules of Data Protection Authority, will not use or pass on your personal data, without your permission. Bodystore does not give away, make public, sell and exchange to a third party your personal data and information under any condition. We will make an exception to the rule if we are asked to give personal data to Statutory Authority or to Court, always under legimate formality.

Bodystore reserve the right to fill the providers on statistical graphs of selling, which no way include personal information that can lead to recognition of individual persons.

Also, you can change, reduce or put away some of your personal information, if there is a reason for that to be done.


Bodystore, towards the purchase, use SSL protocol, with 128-bit code (the most strong in our days), for secure online payment. In this way all your personal data is encoded, compreheding the number of credit card, name, adress so as not to be possible to be red or be change while the transfer to internet.

Cancallation of order

Bodystore has set for the cancellation of an order (full or partial) that is already enregistered. For any cancellation of order (full or partial) you should send an e-mail to or fax tο +30,2410-410240.

Conditions of payment

For your own facilitation and faciliation, Bodystore has the folowing alternative ways of payment

* With credit card of any bank. Bodystore has take measures for secure payment system.
* Pay Pal payment

We can make out an invoice for companies and professionals, if they complete the following information: Name of the company, VAT Number, Tax Office and profession

Way and time of delivery

The product(s) are delivered immediately, when the payment is deposited.

Prices of products

Next to the price of each product, in the relevant catalogue, shows up the price including inc tax (23%)

Back-out and returns of products

You have the right to return product(s) you bought, without telling us the reasons of return and with no cost, within 30 days, from the day you delivered the product(s).


1. Term changes: reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of the deal. assume the obligation to inform the text of any change or addition to the conditions.

2. Current Law: All transactions made through governed by the International and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates matters concerning remote sales.