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AAKG 2:1 (120caps) - GoldTouch nutrition


  • Supports N.O. (nitric oxide) production, resulting in better muscular pumping and oxygen transportation
  • Improves delivery of nutrients to and from muscle tissues.
  • Enhances exercise performance and gives you more energy
  • Supports protein metabolism
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Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a compound made from the conditionally essential amino acid L-Arginine, bound to an Alpha-Ketoglutarate molecule. L-Arginine acts as a pre-cursor to the vasodilator Nitric Oxide. What does that mean for you and your workout? Nitric Oxide causes blood vessels to open wider leading to improved blood flow to the muscle tissue. That could increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to exercising muscle and that really translates to muscle PUMPS! Therefore, AAKG is a must supplement, both for strength athletes (even bodybuilders) looking to increase muscle size because of its anabolic potential and also for endurance athletes looking to improve aerobic capacity because of its vasodilation properties.

What AAKG does : 

  • AAKG increases nitric oxide production, which relaxes and expands blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and makes it easier for blood to flow throughout the body and nourish muscles and tissues.
  • So AAKG’s vasodilator properties, allow more oxygen, blood and important nutrients delivered straight inside muscle cells, supporting that way aerobic capacity.
  • Supplementing L-arginine can improve the capacity for exercise by boosting energy, strength and power output during workouts. (Double-blind trials of AAKG suggest it improves some measures of strength and power resulting from weight training.)
  • AAKG is perfect for pre workout use, firstly because of its effect in muscular ‘pump’ and vascularity and secondly because it could help breaking down byproducts of muscle exertion that cause fatigue, like ammonia and lactic acid, resulting in improved athletic performance.
  • Supplementing alpha-ketoglutarate in a controlled trial was found to prevent muscle breakdown and increased protein absorption and synthesis

1 serving=3 capsules(=2,1g)

To get the most out of AAKG’s workout performance benefits, we recommend to consume 1 serving(up to 60kilos),  30 minutes before exercise.


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