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iMaster ALL in 1 51 Ingredients (3kg) - GoldTouch Nutrition

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iMaster :

  • helps you get the most out of your workouts
  • improves muscular strength
  • adds muscular volume
  • supports recovery and reduces sensation of muscular fatigue
  • enhances protein synthesis.

 iMaster combines 51 top notch ingredients, in a unique formula that will work far superior than any single ingredient on its own. First of all it will help you get the most out of your workouts, will add muscular volume and will improve strength, while additionally will support recovery and will enhance protein synthesis. I MASTER is more than just a creatine formula, its ingredients amplify each others properties or increase the absorpption rate. 

 Creatine is an ingredient that has been extensively used by athletes and researched by scientists and nutritionists, during the last years. It's effectiveness in replenish your energy reserves during training  that leads in improved exercise performance, increased muscle mass & muscular strength are well established by now. Creatine is an osmotically active substance," it pulls water into your muscle cells", which increases protein synthesis and  helps to combat fatigue during your workouts, allowing you to work out longer and with more intensity, ultimately improving your strength and muscle size

 BCAAs and glutamine will fuel your workouts  and will help in inducing muscle growth and recovery after a workout.  The addition of slow medium and fast carbohydrates, will spike insulin levels in the bloodstream, which leads to faster delivery of glucose, creatine and amino acids into the muscle cells and will also maximize their absorption. Finally it is packed with omega 3, vitamins and minerals that promote overall health and will improve your physique.

But all these properties each ingredient has, are not as important as the fact that all 51 ingredients act in a synergistic manner. You can actually feel iMaster working during your workouts.

Per Day: minimum 100g of iMaster, up to 150g.

Workout Days:Take 1 serving(almost 2scoops) with 500ml of water first thing in the morning and 1 serving after training Non-workout Days: Take 1 serving (almost 2scoops) with 500ml of water first thing in the morning and 1 serving in the afternoon

Package: 3kg

Flavor: Belgian chocolate


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πολύ καλό.
παιδιά για όγκο είναι από τα καλύτερα θα ξαναπάρω σιγουρα.
Korifaia formoula me poly prosegmeni epilogi systatikon
toso gia apokatastasi oso gia tonosi..syn fysika kapia gramaria kreatinis.
Καλη επιλογη!
καλή γευση, δε σε φουσκώνει και δουλεθει καλά στο σώμα
to i master einai TOP!!! oti kalitero se formula exo parei. sou dinei kai ogo kai tautoxrona se katharizei apo lipos i nera.
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