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Adreno Stack (200g) PreWorkout - GoldTouch Nutrition

Categories: Energy and Pre-Workouts, Strength & Mass


Adreno Stack is ideal for the athlete that craves strong pump, is serious about his strength training and wants results.

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Adreno Stack is ideal for the athlete that craves strong pump, is serious about his strength training and wants results. It is designed to elevate performance during your workout, cause it will get your power to a higher level and will give you the strength you always hoped to achieve.Grand master, Bruce Lee, used to tell the world how water takes different forms dependably of the shape of the holder, tea pot, bottle, glass... "BE WATER MY Friend". This is what we all need to be...U will see, feel and hear the rhythm of your sport better that before, better than expected. U will feel the power bursting from inside out, strength building up till nearly explode and your raw power intensity hit the bull eye. Adreno stack will support your body to a maximum level during intense training, or your fight-game.

Adreno stack is a supplement that has been created by combining the best ingredients to help you maximize athletic performance. Adreno stack will make you solid, strong, and good to go for a long time.

Get a scoop 30 min before your workout-fight and start winning or breaking your personal record. For maximum results consume with relatively empty stomach.

* WARNING: The product is extremely strong. Take a half a dose during the first 2-3 times of use, to test your tolerance  and to get used to the product.

Do not exceed recommended dosage - High caffeine content.

Hydration Tip: This product increases water weight by pulling water into the muscles. An increase in intramuscular water content could dilute electrolytes or increase the risk of muscle tears due to muscle tightness. Make sure to drink enough water, to provide proper hydration for your body and in order to support the processing and removal of extra active substances from the body.

Flavor: Lemon

  • Feel Super-Power Strength
  • Real Vascular Pump
  • High Intensity Endurance
  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Alpha-Male Energy
  • mood booster


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Ότι καλύτερο!!!!!
asteri to proion.apaixto
voithaei ala dn exei katholou wraia gefsi
apo ta kalitera pre workouts pou exo dokimasei. Dinato kai to aisthanesai na douleuei. mpravo
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