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HYDRO Touch Protein (500g) - GoldTouch Nutrition

Categories: Proteins, Weight loss & Six-Pack

Hydrolyzed Whey protein:

  • Ultra-pure form of whey protein
  • Rich amino acid profile
  • Faster absorption
  • Provides mostly dipeptides and tripeptides that can be immediately utilized and shuttled to the muscles that need it.
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Hydro touch is prepared from whey protein isolate with 80% protein content. It is a predigested whey protein that has an excellent amino acid profile containing a high amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s). Protein hydrolysates are produced from purified protein sources by addition of proteolytic enzymes, followed by purification procedures. Each protein hydrolysate is a complex mixture of peptides of different chain length together with free amino acids, which can be defined by a global value known as degree of hydrolysis (DH). Hydro Touch has over 15% degree of hydrolysis, which is the fraction of peptide bonds that have been cleaved in the starter protein. Consequently, it is absorbed faster, resulting in faster recovery, improved muscle performance and increased strength.

Because Hydro Touch blend provides mainly dipeptides and tripeptides, which are superior both to intact (whole) proteins and free amino acids, in terms of absorption and skeletal muscle protein anabolism. With a Hydrolysis Degree of 15%, Hydro Touch is absorbed faster, resulting in faster recovery, improved muscle performance and increased strength. Athletes can use Hydro touch to induce rapid increases in plasma amino acids around workouts (before, during and after workouts). That could lead to maximized muscle protein anabolism and improved recovery. Benefits:

  • Fast release of amino acids into the blood stream.
  • High in di- and tripeptides that are better absorbed compared to single amino acids.
  • Rich in BCAA’s (especially high Leucine content).
  • Suitable for intra-exercise consumption.

Mix 1 scoop of HYDRO Touch with water. Take 2 to 4 servings daily, between meals. Ideally take 1 of the servings during training or directly after training, in order to maximize muscle protein anabolism and facilitate recovery.

Flavor: Chocolate


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