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Whey Titans Zero (2kg) - GoldTouch Nutrition

WHEY TITANS ZERO is an ultrafiltered protein powder 100% sourced from high quality Whey Protein with naturally occurring amino acids

  • 21g of pure, fast-absorbing Whey protein per scoop
  • 5g of BCAAs which are crucial for muscle growth
  • zero sucrose(sugar), zero preservatives, zero Gluten, zero Cholesterol
  • 100% natural ingredints, doping free, no radiation,
  • easily dissolved in water and fast absorbed
  • great taste in all 5 flavors( Chocolate, Cappuccino, Vanilla-cookies, Blood orange & apple, Banana-mango)
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Whey TITANS zero, is a high-quality whey protein particularly rich in amino acids, is absorbed quickly and used efficiently by your body.

Whey Titans zero contains only high quality, all-natural ingredients, that are highly bioavailable. It is separated from milk, during the cheese making process using a combination of Cross-flow ultra-filtration and micro filtration techniques. These filtration techniques remove most of the unwanted ingredients such as fat, cholesterol, lactose etc., but leaves amino acids intact. So, Whey Titans is a “complete protein” source, because it contains all 9 essential(that your body cannot make, but are supposed to come from food) amino acids .

When you are training frequently, your body requires bigger amounts of protein in order to avoid catabolism (muscle breakdown). So, the more muscle you have, the more WHEY TITANS ZERO you require, in order to make sure that your body maintains its anabolic properties. Moreover, studies have found evidence suggesting that whey protein, when combined with strength training could increase strength, muscle size, and lean body mass.

To sum up all the benefits, Whey Titans zero:

  • promotes the growth of lean muscle mass
  • improves muscle protein synthesis
  • decreases recovery time and fights symptoms of over-training assists in weight loss when combined with a proper diet and training
  • is a clean protein that comes from all-natural ingredients, without any preservatives, sucrose, gluten, cholesterol is not treated by ionizing radiation

USE: Mix 1 scoop of WHEY TITANS zero with 250-300 ml of water, skimmed milk or juice. Consume 1-3 servings daily, according to your personal needs.

We recommend to take 1 of the servings directly after training, in order to maximize muscle protein anabolism and facilitate recovery. Available in 5 awesome flavors: Chocolate, Cappuccino, Vanilla-cookies, Blood orange & apple, Banana-mango

Packaging: 2 kg (65 servings)


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Παρα πολυ καλη γευση(σοκολατα) και με εύκολη διαλυτότητα. Οσοι την παρετε δοκιμαστε την με βρωμη.????
Μια πολυ κακη πρωτεινη. Value for money μπορω να πω. Απο θεμα γεύσης μονο σοκολατα εχω δοκιμασει η οποια ειναι πεντανόστιμη
poli kali kai dialitotia alla kai geusi.....

kala apo timi ....gia tin posostita tin periektikotita se proteini kai tin poiotita ....

den uparxei apla....

super apla...
Value for money επιλογή !!!
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