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Whey Titans with BEEF (2kg) Protein - GoldTouch Nutrition

Categories: Proteins, Strength & Mass

Whey Protein is an absolute must among athletes, recreational gym goers and people interested in their diet and overall well-being. Whey Titans with Beef is a high concentration, quality protein that consists of:

  • 50% of Whey Concentrate Protein (80%)
  • 50% Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate (90%)
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In this particular protein blend we combined 50% of Whey Concentrate Protein (80%) and 50% Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate (90%). This powerful blend of WPC and HBI delivers a high protein intake that along with the addition of CREAPURETM, will contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass and body strength. 

Because when you’re getting Gold touch nutrition protein you know you’re getting only high quality proteins. We guarantee that Whey TITANS with beef has no PORK or other inferior ingredients that increase ammonia* levels (a byproduct of protein's metabolism) in its blend. (*High levels of ammonia can lead to toxicity in the body, which could damage organs and tissues such as the brain and liver.) Whey Titans with beef is a complete protein, delivering a high amino acid concentration, it is rapidly absorbed, delivering nutrients that your muscles needs.

Take 2 to 4 servings daily, according to your training needs, weight etc. 
Mix 1 scoop of WHEY TITANS with water, milk or anything you like and drink between meals. Ideally take 1 of the servings directly after training, in order to maximize muscle protein anabolism and facilitate recovery. 



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