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Pure WPC 80+ Protein (1KG) - GoldTouch Nutrition

Categories: Proteins, Weight loss & Six-Pack

WPC 80+ is a pure blend of whey protein that delivers:

  • 25g of whey Protein per scoop of 30g
  • 5g BCAAs
  • 0g sugar, flavoring, colorants
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WPC 80+ is a pure blend of whey protein with Zero additives, flavors, sugars and fats. Whey protein 80+ is separated of the liquid produced during the cheese making process, by micro-filtration techniques. This process ensures that the protein stays intact and pure. A high protein content (25g of protein/scoop) along with some highly bioactive peptides found in WPC 80+, makes it a superfood for building lean muscle, assisting muscle recovery after exercise and promoting fat loss.

Our WPC 80+ blend:

  • delivers 82% of whey Protein
  • is rich in BCAAs & Glutamine
  • has zero added sugars, flavors, colorants

If you want to maintain a healthy athletic body, build lean muscle mass, recover from exercise, or if you need to eat something with high biological value (BV) to fill the hunger void the answer is WPC 80+. The specific protein is a whey protein which means that it could help you egulate your blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, therefore WPC 80+ could be a valuable addition to your weight loss program. Moreover WPC 80+, contains an incredible range of essential amino acids that promote the recovery of muscle function, boost energy levels, encourage muscular protein synthesis, increase muscle strength and could improve overall athletic performance. 

You can consume any time of the day, every day. We recommend 1 up to 3 servings daily, according to your weight, personal needs and body goals. Mix 1 scoop with a glass of water, or with milk or juice if you prefer.

To get maximum results from your pure WPC 80+, make sure to drink 1 of the servings first thing in the morning and 1 serving directly after your workout.



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