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Pure WPI 94 Protein (900g) - GoldTouch Nutrition

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As the name suggests, WPI 94 has incredible protein content of 94% and is very low in fat, cholesterol and lactose.

  • 28 g ISOLATE whey / scoop of 30g 
  • 7 g BCAA
  • 0 g added sugar, flavor, colorant
  • Virtually ZERO fat
  • sourced from high quality VOLAC PURE 90, UK made


WPI 94 is a blend of high quality Whey protein, with incredible purity. WPI 94 is manufactured, by ultra and micro-filtration processes, which strip down milk of its fats, lactose and other unwanted ingredients, while keep intact all  essential amino acids, bio-active peptides and many other nutrients.

WPI 94 is a complete source of protein, because it contains significant amounts of all 9 essential amino acids and especially of BCAAs. It has high biological value (BV) and it is digested easier and faster than whey concentrates.  When amino acids are absorbed into your bloodstream, they become available for muscle protein synthesis (MPS), or the creation of new muscle.

Furthermore, WPI 94 is unflavored and has no other additives or sugars, just high quality, natural, pure protein. That makes it the perfect choice for those that need to increase protein intake but need to keep calories low.



Because WPI94 is a premium grade source of whey protein (Volactive UltraWhey 90+), uncontested when it comes to purity and quality. WPI94 has a number of nutritional benefits for those that need to keep themselves fit and healthy:

High protein content of 28g protein/30g of serving

-Less than 1g of Fat and carbohydrates/ serving- combined

NO added Sugars or Flavor and very low lactose content.

– WPI 94 is digested really fast, providing amino acids and other nutrients to your muscles.

-Particularly rich in muscle-building branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and Glutamine, which help in building muscle size, definition and promote recovery after resistance and endurance exercise.

-Many studies also prove that increased protein intake (like 94%), when combined with training, promotes recovery of muscle function and athletic performance, and boosts energy levels.

– Finally WPI94 can be a useful aid in weight-loss for both men and women. You can use it as part of a calorie deficit diet, because it increases daily protein intake, which in turn eases hunger and cravings, without increasing the calories you eat.

 So, if you’re looking to decrease fat mass, increase lean muscle mass and overall improve body composition and strength in the gym, WPI94 is the perfect protein for you.



Mix 1 scoop (30g) with a glass (200ml-300ml) of water, or milk or juice if you prefer. Take 1 up to 3 servings daily, according to your weight, training needs and body goals.

For optimal results, we recommend that you should consume 1 serving first thing in the morning, 1 serving directly after your workout and if you take additional servings have them between main meals.

WPC 94+ has no added flavor, it is plain pure protein, so you can add it in smoothies, protein bars etc. along with other, preferably, low fat ingredients such as almond milk, fresh or dry fruits, oats, healthy fats like taxini or peanut butter and various nuts, in order to make a nutritionally complete snack.


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